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Another 3rd grade MP question...


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So I am adding in the other subjects for 3rd - Greek Myths, Christian Studies, State Geography, and Astronomy. I can only afford the resources for one.


Greek Myths I am going to read according to their schedule and make up my own questions.


Christian Studies I am going again to follow their schedule and make up my own questions.


I have a number of astronomy books and so could put together the Astronomy stuff using their table of contents.


I don't have really any U.S. geography stuff but my neighbor does and so I could borrow it.


But I would like to get one of these sets / guides actually from MP to make my job easier. Which set would you buy?

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If I were to pick only one of these sets, I would definitely buy the Astronomy set. It would be very easy to read and then narrate the stories in the Greek Myths book and the Golden Children's Bible. A recitation for the facts to remember is in the Curriculum guide, so you could easily get away without the workbook sets for these two.


For the US States & Capitals, you just need a blank map (we use one of the Uncle Josh's blackline maps for daily review). You really don't need their workbook if you need to cut corners. My son has enjoyed the Fun Facts about the 50 States book, though.


The Astronomy workbook, however, is like a worktext. Three quarters of the year your student will be "connecting the dots" in the constellations, so the workbook is very necessary. The workbook also includes the teaching, so if you don't have it you will have to piece something together on your own. We tried a couple different resources for Astronomy, but my son liked MP's curriculum the most because of the focus on constellations and the tie-ins to the Greek Myths that he was studying. I haven't really used the teacher's manual for astronomy, so you could get by without it, if needed. Actually, I might buy the Astronomy student book and the States & Capitals student book, both without the teacher's manual.


Have fun connecting the dots!

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