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Prayers please, my son's school is on Lock Down

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Dh teaches at the 9th grade campus, and just txted me that the High School (10-12 grade) is on lock down because of a threat they found on facebook. I'm not too worried, except that ds, dh, and dd all came home from 3 seperate schools this week, saying they heard there was some big gang thing going down at our county fair on Friday, so dh banned our kids from attending on Friday. Can't help but wonder if it's related.


Ds is a sophmore. Prayers that it turns out to be nothing would be appreciated. We normally don't have stuff like that in this community.

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How do they do this? Does the school actually have someone monitoring facebook? Where do they start?


My guess is that someone saw something on FB and alerted an administrator or teacher, or was overheard talking about it by someone who alerted the right people. Teenagers friend everybody they know, and they have no filters, so I'm sure someone saw something.

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