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Bit of a BLAH day

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Quick recap: 3 years ago I had my thyroid removed for thyroid cancer. There were 2 known nodes involved. I had radioactive iodine treatment and have been monitored every 6 months since then. I am also 4.5 months pregnant now.


So today I got neck ultrasound results and they found a spot in my thyroid bed. They're saying it could just be a parathyroid, which seems odd to me. They can't tell the difference between a mysterious mass and a parathyroid? But whatever. And I'm not really freaking out, as they won't do anything until the baby comes. Then we'll do another ultrasound to see. But I'm feeling BLAH. It's much nicer to hear "all clear". I won't let on to DH about how badly I feel about it, but I need to say it to someone. I know it makes no sense to make a big deal. It could still be nothing. But I want to cry. This pregnancy has been such a hard one. We already have so many medical expenses. Doing the whole thyroid cancer thing the first time was hell. I can't stand the thought of going through it all again if it is "something". I'm trying not to dwell on that because it'll do me no good. But today I just need to mourn a little that I didn't get an "all clear". Then tomorrow I'll keep putting one foot in front of the other as usual.


Thanks for listening.

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I'm so sorry you didn't get the "all clear". When my oldest son was born he had a stroke that was diagnosed when he was 6 months old. Every time we went to the doctor and we got any news that wasn't positive it would send me into an emotional tailspin for a while. Then I would put one foot in front of the other as you said. My ds is doing wonderfully now and I hope and pray you get the "all clear" soon!


God Bless,

Elise in NC

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