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borrowing in subtraction... the top number needs to be bigger. help!


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We are on to division and M still forgets that the top number needs to be bigger in long subtraction!



On an abacus, I would put 8 beads to one side. "Can you find a [group of] seven hiding in that?" He would move seven aside. "And how many are left?"


Again with 8. "How many groups of three are hiding in that?"


Then do it with dice, then with written numbers.


This was both an intro to division and subtractability.

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Well, I almost hate to suggest it, because I had a kid who did not do well with 'borrow' as a phrase...but I know in the local ps they teach the kids "Bigger Bottom Borrow" as a catch phrase.


Some kids do fine with the phrase 'borrowing' instead of 'regrouping' and if so, this can be a nice reminder.


But, do start with manipulatives first.

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