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Food cravings-you ever get them?

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What foods, when do they hit you?


I'm suddenly jonesing for some garlic bread. Weird! I have a whole list of freaky foods I go for spontaneously. The whole world must stop until I get what I want.


Spam sandwiches...


Macaroni and milk w/salt & pepper

Potato chip sandwiches...

Cream of Corn on toast...SOS

Popcorn with French Onion Dip

Grilled Cheese

Bean and Bacon Soup

Turkey sandwiches with gravy & mashed potatoes

Fried Potatoes with Ketchup and onions

Sliced onions with salt...(did any of you guys grow up with these on the table? Pour mounds of salt right on the table and dip?)

Grape koolaid

Mountain Dew...


Man, I could go on forever...what about you?

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Once in a great while I'll get fries at McDonalds. I tell the cashier it's my big treat and wait for the next batch out of the fryer.


Then I scarf down a whole supersize batch of em.


Oh, the guilt. :lol:


It's like I can smell it on me for three days straight, seriously. Good thing that happens as often as Christmas...


Oh, creamed herring..there's another once a year favorite. Onions, white sauce, tasty little fishies..YUM!

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Yup. I went through a few months of craving palak paneer so badly once, I ended up taking my eldest daughter into a head shop, looking for paneer. It came up as an Indian grocery, but was a head shop, run by a red-eyed (and very confused by the lady with the kid looking for cheese) Rastafarian. :lol:


But yes, I totally get a wild hair about food I want, and will not be happy til I get it. And it has to be "right" because I can taste it as part of the craving. If it doesn't match up, it's not right, and the craving continues.

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Oh, they have this potato chip out here called LIMON by Lay's..oh Good God, that stuff will call your name at 3 a.m. - talk about feeling like a loser, standing in the kitchen busting into a bag just because they are around. They are lemon lime flavored potato chips..whew man they are good!


Fritos and Tab pop are another good one in the middle of the night. Haven't had those in forever..

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