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Monitoring kids' cell phone usage?


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I remember this being discussed on here a while back (when I really did not need it):glare:


Now, I want to find out how to monitor my kids' cell phone - I think that there was a way to control when they use it, how to stop texts from going over a limit and ESPECIALLY allowing the parent to read the texts.


Anyone have any experience in this? Thanks!

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I honestly don't know but, DS13 was told from the day he got his cell that we had 100% full access to it at any time. It is our right to check his incoming and outgoing calls and texts whenever we so choose. If at any time he refuses to produce said phone when asked or appears to be dishonest about his usage, it will be immediately confiscated. He has always been fine with that, but then he is a pretty open kid anyway. If I'm sitting in the room when he gets a text he'll usually tell me who it's from and what it was about without me even asking. We all have unlimited texting so there is no fear of him going over a limit, but we do have limited minutes. Thank goodness he's a boy and doesn't like to talk on the phone much except to his grandparents. :tongue_smilie:

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