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Anyone using 6th BJUPress Distance Learning Complete?


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Hi everyone! I am using the BJUPress 6th grade complete distance learning program. Most of the subjects come with a "record of grades" , But there are few that do not like Heritage studies, handwriting, math, bible and spelling. I would like to know if anyone has record of grades made up for these subjects that they would like to share with me. I am so confused and I don't have the first clue as how to make them myself. Please if anyone could help me, I would so, so, so appreciate it very much. Thanks!

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I am also using BJU Distance Learning for 6th grade. I don't know if it would help you, but I can tell you how I grade those subjects that don't have a record of grades.


For Heritage Studies I usually grade the Student Notebook pages. Not every single one, but most. And of course the tests.


For Handwriting, he doesn't watch the dvd. He uses a student book from a younger grade since he just learned cursive last year. He has excellent handwriting, so he just completes a page from the student book once a week for practice. I will, on occasion, let him know I will be taking a grade, and I will use a rubric for this.


For Math I grade his daily assignments. Again, I don't grade every single one - maybe 2 or 3 per week. I let him know before he begins when I will be grading his work. Of course tests are graded.


For Bible he just watches the video with his Bible for looking up scripture verses (usually while eating breakfast). I do not have him complete any textbook pages and I do not give a grade for Bible.


For Spelling I only grade tests, never workbook pages.


Btw, for Science I hold onto all his Quick Check pages and do one combined grade for those at the end of each chapter rather than grading each one separately.


I enter all grades into my computer using HomeSchool Tracker Plus.

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