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!st post on SN board.....5HTP?


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First of all I have only visited this board a couple of times, but I see there is a wealth of info here.


I've seen 5HTP mentioned by several posters as a treatment they use for Dc with anxiety. I take 200 mg every night and notice a big difference when I don't take it for some time. Twice I've stopped it for a couple of weeks as a trial to see if it is really doing anything for me. It definitely is.


In one thread someone mentioned they give their 8yr old Dc a 50 mg dose.


Those who use it, what dose would you suggest for a 14 year old weighing around 100 lbs? I'm thinking I might try the 50 mgs and see how that goes and possibly increase later. Ds has some mild generalized anxiety.

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Our doctor said our ds could take 100mg at night to help him sleep. He weighs about 130, age 13. Ds prefers 50 mg. Be careful, though, for any interactions with any other medications your child is taking.


Thanks. He does not take any other meds except an occasional OTC like Motrin, sudafed for sinus, that kind of thing.


I did not realize about 5HTP and serotonin overload in the past. For myself, I feel like I need to print a list of all the possible interactions. I remember reading some meds I wouldn't normally have thought of being on the list. Maybe I need to investigate again before I start him on it.

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