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Ancient Humanities...does this look okay?

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Here is our tentative booklist and plans:


***I am expecting us to take a full year (we school year round) and possibly a small part of the following year to finish this...at least I'm trying to be realistic...:lol:



Read Book of the Ancient Greeks by Dorothy Mills (I'll make a guide for this which will include some vocabulary, some map work and narrations.)

Read Book of the Ancient Romans by Dorothy Mills (same as above)

Add documentaries (I saw several just today at the library...Egyptians, Greeks, Alexander the Great, etc.)

excerpts from Herodotus, Livy, Tacitus and Thucydides

I have Spielvogel's Western Civilization for other cultures


*** I don't have a problem with doing some books out of the chronological order...so if we don't get enough of the above history, then we'll just add it in another year....



Read Old Testament

Read Bible Through the Ages


Just discussion and possibly dvds when we see something we like.


Art History

History of Art for Young People by Janson

(Just the first section)

Khan Academy Art History

(Just the section on the ancients)


I'll create Book Notes for art history book (which will include vocabulary and narrations) and have dd watch approximately 2-4 videos from Khan Academy each week. Of these, I would have her choose one and take notes on it. I would then have her write a paragraph about this piece using her notes.



The Story of Philosophy (Magee)

The Last Days of Socrates

???? (one more here, but I'm still considering this...)


I would have her read 1-2 pages per week (+the margins) and write 1-2 summary sentences per paragraph. At the end of each section, I would have her write a summary paragraph drawn from her summary sentences. I would also like her to bring 3-4 questions she'd like to discuss and bring those to our discussion sessions at the end of each section too.


I've looked for some online lectures, but haven't found anything I like...



Age of Fable

Iliad (have Fran Rutherford guide and TC Vandiver lectures)

Odyssey (same as above)

3 Theban Plays (have Fran Rutherford guide)

Oresteian Trilogy (have Fran Rutherford guide)

Excerpts from other cultures

The Aeneid


possibly others...but again if it's too heavy we can read those another year



One per term (we have 4 terms) and one per subject (so one literature, one art history, one history and one philsophy)

Since dd is still getting her base on writing papers, I'm thinking this is enough...I hope it is...what do you think?


So, I'm still working on this...and dd needs to work on her skills still...

She's very bright and perceptive in these areas (just don't ask about math and science) and she love to have discussions about big ideas. What would you add or say is not sufficient enough? I'm thinking maybe we could add one or two more essays for literature. She'll already be writing narrations for history (these will be short essays). Also, remember the art history and philosophy is just a section from each book, so this means we can do a small amount and still finish in a year.


This would give her one credit for literature, one credit for history and a quarter (but I'll just wait until completed and give one full credit) credit each for art and philosophy.

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Are you going to study the other big ancient cultures? Primarily Egypt, Mesopotamia? If so you'll need a few more resources to cover those.


possibly others...but again if it's too heavy we can read those another year


I doubt this. If anything Ancient is the lightest year in terms of volume of literature to read. So cut wisely and don't expect to come back to it.

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Thanks Candid!


We did cover some of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Perisa, etc. this year, but somewhat lightly. I was thinking we could cover this again and add other cultures (India, China, etc.) with Western Civilization and another source for eastern cultures. I also wanted to add a least a bit of literature for these cultures too.


You're probably right about covering carefully. My dd is very interested in the late Roman empire up through the Middle Ages time period, so I know we will cover this very throughly for her. I'm planning on further expanding our study of the later Roman empire next year. I may be able to add to our literature selections for Ancient Rome through this study.

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