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Educational Train ride??

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My boys just bring a notepad each and have fun writing down observations or questions they might have. We also bring along binoculars and a camera to snap whatever interesting things they spot. Our train rides were through redwoods.


Thanks for the idea. I dont have binoculars, but i will bring the camera.


:lurk5: for anyone else's thoughts.

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Is it an excursion train? We ride excursion trains fairly regularly, because DS is a train fanatic. Very often, the conductor or one of the other volunteers is crazy about trains him/herself, and quite knowledgeable. You could ask a few questions when he or she is checking your ticket, and he or she might linger or come back to talk to you.

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I think it would help if TODAY you looked through some books of old trains and modern trains, talking about the rails, steam engine, different types of cars, etc.


Then they would know what they are looking at.


Camera and binocs for tomorrow. You moms may get a little claustrophobic if the train is completely filled with children. :001_smile:

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we ended up going and we went 30min down the track and then they turned the other way and went back. They talked about how it is an original train (the cars) from the 30s and they can go 60mpg but only went 10 today. They talked about how there was a stage coach and how the cars were ran like a trolley- with the lines on the top if need be. The engine is from the 50s and was Diesel Electric.


The conductor explained how there use to be a train that took you from Lebanon, OH to Cincinnati, OH and youd depart at 9am and wouldnt be to Cincinnati until 5pm. I used that to tell the kids how its only a 30min drive vs 8hr train ride. I explained how theres no heat/air or bathrooms and how it would make a long trip difficult. I explained how there use to be trains run all the time but when we discovered cars took us farther faster, trains were slowly put out.


Its a nice Railway though, they have Thomas (i did Thomas with DS when he was 2yrs old), Clifford and Cat In the Hat events too.

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