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Funny story and recipe request

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Our local grocery has a game every summer where you can win prizes or cash. Last year we won our Wii in this game.


They hand out game pieces and you scrach off circles and try to match three. So far this year, when we get a card I give it to Peyton and she scratches off the circles. We've never even matched the first two, much less three. So yesterday when I handed her a card at the check out, she scratched off the first two and said, "Mom! This is really big!" She had matched two. So we strategized and she scratched off the third, which was a match! Then came the big moment - scratching off the prize box. Peyton was so excited. So she scratched and scratched for what seemed like hours (the big prized is $250K!). Then she said, "What are Hillshire Farms Lil' Smokies?" :svengo:


So, today I need that recipe with the grape jelly. Can anyone help?

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