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Ballet Moms - How to wash a costume?

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Dd found a beautiful professional ballet dance costume today at our local thrift shop, and fell in love with it for her halloween costume {she's going as a fairy princess}. It's mostly tulle, and the tag says it's from a costume shop and it's dry-clean only. I REALLY hate to pay to get it dry-cleaned as it would cost more than I paid for the costume {$2}.


Whats the best way to clean it without dry-cleaning it?

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Does it look dirty? Is it smelly?


I only ask this because I'm wondering if it may have already been dry cleaned and just need to be aired out in the fresh air for a while.


I would not try to wash it.


If you think it may have been worn but not cleaned, you might be able to carefully hand-launder the cr*tch and underarm areas, but you would need to be very careful -- and test a hidden area of the costume for colorfastness before you even consider washing it.

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