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An apology and an announcement

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Homeschooling is NOT for wimps! Seriously! People who do not homeschool have NO IDEA, truly, the strength (physical, mental, and spiritual) that it takes to take this on. Your apology is accepted. :) We all (WTMers) have been there, done that, and get it. At least I know I have!


Glad you're "on your feet". Now I will gladly accept prayer from you that I can find my own footing! Because what you just described is how I've been feeling for a few weeks. :p As you found out, I know we will find that footing, but sometimes it's difficult to see that time as we move through the times of sludge! You go, girl!

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Tibbie, you have *always* been inspirational to me. Even through your "bellyaching" and self-doubt, you push on. It's actually helpful for those of us that haven't been doing this as long to see that, no, it's not always perfect and yet you still keep swimming. Even on the days I feel like I'm swimming backwards (sigh. today.) I just keep at it, because I know it can be done through the hardest of times (thanks to you and others brave enough to share your trials here.) I think we all need inspiration every chance we get, but it doesn't have to be all-joy, all the time. You are real, you are honest, and I appreciate everything you share with the Hive.


I've been hs'ing ds for a year and a half, but this is my first year with dd home too (she has been at ps since pre-K) and we are ending week 5 with still no "groove" anywhere in sight. She cried and fought during every subject today. So, while I find you inspirational and all, I seriously hope you're wrong about the 6-week cutoff to find our magic happy place. ;)

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