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child's storage bed...if you care to help me think this through

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I would like to get a storage bed for my ds. His room is very small and the mix of furniture is not conducive growing up and learning independence. He has a bed that is falling apart. He has a dressing that does not very much of his clothing. He has a small closet. He has elfa shelving on the wall for books.


ds is 11 and has down syndrome. I'd like to start all over and have a nice bedroom set for him. I want something of decent quality. I guess I want to give ds the message he's worthy of something decent. I hate the condition of his room and the way it's set up he cannot take care of his stuff on his own. I can't buy it all at once. I believe I can get the bed and then fill in a dresser and bookcase over the next year. Since the closet is small I think he will need the storage bed and dresser. If I get the storage bed and it's enough space I may not get a dresser.


Anyway I've been looking at This end up, which I thought went out of business, but apparently now does strictly online. Here's what I found




Do you have other suggestions for storage beds. I looked at some that were much less expensive, but then when I looked up the makers they had bad reviews on quality.


I also looked at




the configuration we would get would have 2 rows of drawers not a trundle. This is cheaper. There were a couple of reviews that suggested it might be less sturdy and a couple that mentioned screws going through too far in assemble. I've also never heard of this manufacturer. I have heard of This End Up and if the quality is the same as it was years ago then I know it's sturdy and will remain in good condition.

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I like the idea of the two rows of drawers because it's less unwieldy to open/close than a trundle. DS has a trundle, and while it's very good quality, I do find it difficult to maneuver due to the size.


This End Up furniture lasts forever. I don't know about the other brand you mentioned.


I bet you won't need a dresser. :)

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We got a beautiful cherry colored boys storage bed on craigslist. if you have that in your area, I think you should check it out regularly until you find one you like. You can also do a local search on ebay. We've bought fabulous furniture through that. My dd's bedroom set was awesome and 4 years later we resold it for more than we paid for it.

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We have a captains bed as well. It works really nice for clothing storage.


The downsides that I have found: being taller than a standard bed (minor issue for us as our youngest falls out occasionally), an annoying gap between the wall and the bed because the wooden frame comes up fairly high, and not being able to easily make the bed without a lot of tucking. These are minor annoyances to me, and may not even bother you at all.

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I got both of my kids oak mate beds when they were toddlers. So those are not as tall and have only 3 large drawers across. I also got a headboard that had a bookshelf to put their lamp, radio, books, etc. It was a local company about 14 years ago so I can't link to it. They also have dressers, so if you got the captain size with the double drawers, I'm sure you would have enough drawer space. I do keep their sheets and extra blankets in their drawers that you wouldn't have to do.


I have to say it does bother me to always have to lift up the bedding that hangs down to put something in the drawers under their beds. However, because their rooms are small it does save space. Don't plan to move the bed very often - they are heavy.


The only thing I noticed about the beds you linked to was the footboard comes up quite high. My kids are now teens, and while it doesn't matter with my dd, my ds is now 5'9" and if he had a foot board like that he would never be able to stretch out. Think about your son getting a growth spurt in the next 4 years.

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Would a loft bed not work


and I agree check out craigslist. I have a this ends up desk that isn't even getting bites on it. I'll be lowering the price on it again this weekend.


and the loft bed that we had in there too.


If he would happy and feel safe with a loft bed, then I would consider it; especially in a small room.

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Thanks everyone. Especially thank you for pointing me to craigslist. I found the exact bed I'm looking for 1.5 hours away. dh and I are going drive up and possibly buy it Saturday night. I hope it is in as good condition as the pictures the seller sent me.


ds is has been predicted to be my height, 5'8" which is really big for a person with down syndrome. I can lie down in the bed make sure the length doesn't bother me.


We don't want to do a loft bed, because we still read together at bed time and that would be difficult in a loft.


There are quite a few sellers of matching pieces on craigslist too. So, if I decide there's room to add on a bookcase or desk I can do it all very reasonably.


Thanks again.

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