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I have about 4 pounds of a locally made cheese, cubed. It reminds me of a medium sharp cheddar with a nutty flavor. Tomorrow night I need to bring a snack to a class of about 15 adults and on Sunday I need a dish for a large potluck. What can I make that uses up all this cheese? ANY ideas appreciated!

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Local, artisan cheese? I agree with a pp, put it with a nice cracker and serve or make a bread, cheese, and fruit board with it. This is always popular when I bring it. I make hm bread, get a couple of kinds of cheese (but in your case I would serve what you have) and two colors of grapes.


For the bread just to make it pretty I will make a brown whole wheat and a white whole wheat and then braid and bake.


It is so easy for the response it gets.


ppl are funny . . . maybe you should serve with toothpicks.

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Phew, you all are making this almost too easy. :)


I will be freezing some of it for sure. I get so much of this cheese (through a community volunteer project) I am a bit burnt out on it plain. I know others don't have it so often though.


I will go for cheese and grapes for tomorrow. I'll still be thinking about Sunday though. I should have entry of time to do something. I wonder if I could do fondue in my crock pot. That could work out pretty well for Sunday's potluck but would be hard for the Thursday class where ppl want to just grab a snack and sit down.


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I'd balk at fondue for a potluck b/c I would balk at providing all the little sticks/skewers. Would a short little toothpick do?


You know what I'd like at a potluck? Macaroni and cheese. You would have to find a nice recipe b/c it seems to me that most ppl like it baked. However, my family prefers it creamy. If you did decide to serve it creamy, it would be easy to repot into the crock.


We bring butter and milk to a simmer and add cheese. Pasta cooks separately. Drain pasta and mix with melted cheese mixture.


We love this stuff but as I say, most ppl seem to prefer it baked and cut into squares so I don't don't know if you really want to do that but for me and mine, we DO NOT like the baked version and LOVE the creamy version. Serve that at a potluck and we'd be thrilled!


Also, if you served it warm with cold sliced/diced home grown tomatoes :drool5:


I LoVe Panera's mac and cheese though I have never tried this recipe. You could just sub your cheese.



or this one has less stuff.



I googled: creamy mac and cheese stove top

Too bad it's so late in the season.

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People actually ask for me to bring cheese and crackers because I make my own cheeses. Each person makes a unique cheese that will taste slightly different from any other. Something unique and special shouldn't be hidden in with a bunch of other flavors. That being said, I do enjoy putting my aged cheddar in sauces for pasta :D. Over all though, you can't go wrong putting out cheese and crackers when you have homemade cheese.

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