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Why is 16 the magic age for dating?

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Did NOBODY here actually enjoy their teen years? It seems like everyone hated high school and is damaged from early dating? Did nobody actually ENJOY these dates they went on without getting into unwholesome, psyche-damaging activity? Really?



I did!!! Well, I did get my heart broken rather hard senior year in high school but looking back, I broke someone else's heart the year before. And I learned lessons from both of those relationships.


Even though DH was a classic nerd, he mostly enjoyed his dating life in high school too.


Neither of us maintains any contact with those people but neighter of us wanted to be married until our thirties either.


DH and I were laughing today at an old episode of a TV show that mentioned sex education the way DH and I learned about in our respective public schools. It made us laugh thinking back to that time.

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