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FL Folks - Vacation ????

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We have finally decided to vacation in Destin the second week of October. :)

We are looking to rent a house for the five of us with a private pool.


My question for FL folks is - do we need a HEATED pool the second week in October? Or will pool water still be warm enough to swim without having a heated pool?



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I would try to get a heated pool if possible. We are in central FL and it can be coolish for pool swimming here that time of year, though it depends on the year.


ETA - You may have a different standard for "warm enough to swim" than I do. I have found that a lot of people from further north will swim in water I consider much to cold after having lived here for so many years and getting used to summer water temps in the Gulf.

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I was born and raised in the Destin area. The answer to your question is maybe. Some years it is warm enough not to need a heated pool. Other years you definitely need one. As of a couple weeks ago, the water is still plenty warm for swimming (in a pool). Whether or not it will be in October it is so hard to tell. Some Octobers we are running the air conditioning at night, and others we have the heat running.


If it doesn't cost you extra, I would go with the heated, just to be safe.

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