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BJU Geometry vs. TT Geometry

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This would be for next year, and that's part of my dilemma. DD is using TT Geometry now. She usually finishes before they come out with the new edition, so I get more for my used set than if ds uses it too. I can sell it when she's done with it and get more than enough to pay for BJU Geometry's current edition for ds (he doesn't really like TT) especially if I buy it used. There's a good chance we will NOT be able to swing the dvd's for BJU, so the TT would be nice for that, and what I would lose by holding onto it for the extra year would still be far less than what I would pay for BJU dvd's or online version. I can, however, get free videos online elsewhere that would *probably* work with the BJU Geometry.


So, I wonder if BJU's is really stronger, or if they are pretty close academically. The dd who is using TT is not heading into any type of career that would require a strong math program, but ds is most likely headed towards computer science or robotics.

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Or sell your old edition TT Geo while you can and buy the new edition TT Geo, which will have fabulous resale value.


I'm probably going to run the BJU and TT stuff parallel. That's what we're starting now (started TT last year, now adding in BJU), and I think it's where we're going to end up. However for the geometry, I'm probably going to let the TT geo alone be enough. It's really not make or break, and there are only so many hours in the day. No, TT is not as (insert word) as BJU. However it's adequate, and geometry especially is one of those things that probably won't come back to bite him.


Just as an outside suggestion, last year around Christmas time (November-Dec?), BJU ran a deal for $99 for their video courses. It was just the videos, no books. Sort of the idea that you bought, tried it yourself, and were repentant and running for help. :lol: Anyways, I don't remember the term on the videos, but if you got a full year you could go ahead and start it in January. The geo textbooks for current edition will be available inexpensively online. It would give you the video and bju you want at a price closer to your price point, sounds like. And gets him out of TT (if that's what he wants).

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