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solutions manual for Lials Intro Algebra?

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Do I need a solutions manual? If so, which one goes with the student text?


It's going to depend on how comfortable you are with Algebra. I bought one and ended up using it once and I am not a math person. It made me feel better just having it around though--kind of like a security blanket.

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This is from a post from Jann in Texas when I was asking a similar question-


I use the 8th edition with my online classes (my own dds used this edition too).


Student text: 0321279212

Student text has all of the necessary answers (odd problems from homework --what is typically assigned as well as ALL test, chapter review, summary and cumulative review answers.


The TE is the SAME as the student text-- except it has all of the answers filled in under the problem (page to page with student text otherwise). I use the TE so I can use the even problems for examples...

ISBN is 0321285859


Student solutions manual is optional (please do not give students free access to this-- it is best if they go back to find their own errors-- this should be a LAST resort!) 0321285808


Digital Video Tutor (DVTs) video lessons watched on computer--- these again are OPTIONAL-- nothing I would want students to watch every day. ALL of the teaching is in the student text... nice to have on OCCASION though... 0321285840

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