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When is BA 3D due out?


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I'm trying to decide whether to buy 3C for DD for her birthday, or whether they'll both be out by Christmas (yes, I have a kid who will be thrilled about getting math books as presents...sigh...). Christmas has the advantage that we'll likely be traveling, so she'll have several hours to sit and do math :).

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I thought the publication date was pushed back into January.


That's what I thought....


For 3C, it could have been earlier, but there was a mistake, which delayed publication for 3 weeks or so. I'm worried that this same problem will occur again. It sure would be lovely to wrap up 3D as a Christmas present.


I'm quite positive that AOPS understands that many kids will be severely disappointed not to find 3D under the tree, so in light of that, I imagine they are drawing it up 24/7. :tongue_smilie: Hear that, AOPS?

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