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If your dc was doing very basic research on a continent, what info...

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Would you expect to see?


We will move to country research soon, but i thought we'd start huge by studying continents.


I left it open yesterday, but i would like to provide dd with an outline of sorts. The problem is, I'm not completely sure what I want her to get out of it.


I know geography and some related studies is necessary after a comment from her yesterday; "but isn't georgia in south america?" This was after locating the continents on a globe and flat map. Studying australia is not going to help her locate the state of georgia, but we'll get there.

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There are a lot of geography programs out there. Why not just pick one an go with it? I think geography would be hard to piece together on your own. Especially to get a complete overview of what they need to know.


A very simple, baby step into geography, easy to use program is Maps, Charts, Graphs. It is and inexpensive workbook based program and has good information in it. When we started, I backed up a couple of years and let ds blaze through a couple of the younger books so he could catch up to where his grade level was. It doesn't teach where everything is, but it teaches how to read the map so they understand what they are looking at.


Then you can add in locations.


If you don't want to spend the money right now, look at Ambleside, they have a lot of free materials, and I assume they would have geography too.

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