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Umm....Amazon's return policy? Is this right!?

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ETA: Well, I spoke too soon. I sent them an email before I posted here, and they already replied with an apology saying that they'd refund the $9.89! Now that's some fast customer service. I heard from them within the hour.


Back to your regularly scheduled programming. :D


So I bought a book on Amazon for $19.77,thinking it was hard cover. When I received it, it was paperback. My fault entirely, didn't read the description closely. I sent it back, knowing I'd have to pay 3.99 for shipping.


I just got my "refund" email saying they received the book:


Here's the breakdown of your refund for this item:


Item Refund: $19.77

Return Shipping Fee Refund Deduction: ($3.99)

Restocking Fee Refund Deduction: ($9.89)


We'll apply your refund to the following payment method(s):$5.89


$9.89 restocking fee?! If I'd known there was a fee at all, I never would have sent the book back...but $9.89?!!! Is this their normal procedure? So I'm getting back 5.89 and they get the book plus $13 of my money?

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