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Suggestions for last minute PSAT prep for 10th grader

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I know that at 10th grade the scores do not count. However, I would like to have my DD prepare a bit for the test. I know I should have thought about this earlier. I do have the Chalk Dust SAT prep cds. Should I have her go through any of these? Is there an online place to have her prepare a bit? I know it won't really help too much at this late time but perhaps a small amount.


Or is it best not to prep at all?


She won't have too much time to prepare anyway with having her regular studies to complete.

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For 10th grade I just had mine do the practice test inside the booklet they gave you (or should have given you) when you signed up. That way they aren't "new" to the whole testing procedure and aren't losing time trying to figure it out just because it's new.


You can also see what that practice test score would be and get an idea of any strengths or gaps.


Otherwise, you could stop in at a bookstore and pick up a copy of either Princeton's or Barron's PSAT books (or SAT if they are out of PSAT) if you'd like to go through a little bit of those. They offer more practice tests and some assistance with the problems/strategy. Normally I also suggest the library, but at this time of year, the library copies are usually checked out - with the books getting returned after the test.

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