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high school math planning..... HELP

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Oldest used Saxon but we are had to suppliment geometry and trigonometry for better understanding.


Youngest is finishing Horizon pre-Algebra by the next semester 8th grade and I would prefer not to use Saxon with her. Here are the choices I've come up with so far:


A. Horizons Algebra 1 starting 2nd half 8th into 9th.

if they have not come out with geo or Algebra 2, then:

Jacobs Geometry

Forresters or Printice Hall Algebra 2

?? for precalculus


B. Saxon Algebra 1 on up through Adv Math with supplimenting (already own everything I'd need)


C. something totally different I have not thought of yet.


I want to get this course laid out now, as in the next couple months, I'm going to need to start Algebra 1.



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Have you looked at Lial's Algebra? I loved Beginning Algebra with my dd last year. I was going to use Teaching Textbooks Geometry (the only TT course I'd consider), but dh is laid off and I was given Bob Jones Geometry for free. It's been fine thus far. I plan to use Lial's Intermediate Algebra for Algebra 2. Dd might be doing dual enrollment for her 4th year of math. If not, I'll probably stick with Lial's and use College Algebra and Trig.

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It's been easy for me, but I have a math degree. I think the book has very good explanations and is set up well. I would pm Jann in TX about what materials to use. She may know of other helps that I didn't use. I only bought the book and the student solutions manual. She teaches math classes online and is a board member.

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Kinetic Books for all the levels they have that your ds hasn't done yet. Their Algebra I and Algebra II are fantastic. They have great explanations and the immediate feedback keeps your child from doing an entire lesson incorrectly and repeating mistakes over and over again.


I like Jacobs for Geometry, but sometimes you really don't know what he's asking for until you look at the answer key.


My youngest needs something that is less challenging, so she is using MUS. MUS Algebra I went well for her last year and now she is using MUS Geometry (loves geometry so far) and reviewing algebra with Straightforward Algebra. There is some algebra review in MUS Geometry, but not enough for her. I'm hoping that going through algebra again with Straightforward will help her understand algebra better.

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Our kids are accelerated a bit: we've been using Life of Fred through Calculus. I consider LoF Calculus to be just an intro: i.e., it is not full preparation for the AP calc exam. Otherwise, I think LoF is a very solid program (and I am a theoretical physicist and so have high standards for math programs).


Probably the main question with LoF is whether your kids like the silly little narratives (which my kids loved) or whether they find the little stories silly and want a more "mature" book. The other issue is that LoF is rather short on drill, so, depending on the student, you may want to supplement it with additional problems or impose additional review.


Dave Miller in Sacramento

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