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Medical care related -mostly vent

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Back story: I don't have insurance. I'm in the process of being approved for a pre existing condition insurance plan. I can't get approved for this plan if I've had Medicaid in the last 6 months.

I just took a pregnancy test (or like 6 or 7 :tongue_smilie:) this weekend and it was positive. My last cycle was like 5-6 weeks ago. Because I had an ectopic (where the tube burst and I lost my right tube) last September I am very, very protective of my left tube.

My husband and I decided to take some of our preciously little disposable income and just schedule an office visit with my OBGYN since my insurance has not been approved yet. I called to find out how much it would cost, explained the situation to the sweet little girl. She gave me some numbers (probably close to $300) and then said the first appointment she had was mid Oct.

I once again explained the ectopic last year and she said she'd have to talk to the nurse to find out if I could get in sooner. She said, "You'll only be about 7-8 weeks, though." Um, my tube burst at 10 last time. Plus the earlier we catch it the better my chances of keeping the tube.

I thought about just going on Medicaid, BUT if I do and then lose this baby like I lost the other two (early miscarriages) this year I'm stuck with no insurance for another six months. I have Type 2 Diabetes and PCOS which gets a little costly when your paying out of pocket.

Of course I feel every little twinge on my left side and then today I had some shoulder pain which really freaked me out. Probably over active imagination and paranoid, but I just want someone to take this seriously.

I love this Dr. and he is on the PCIP plan. He delivered my Lily and he's been my GYN since I was about 14yo.

Thanks for letting me vent here since I can't tell people IRL yet.

Also any suggestions or advice would be helpful. I'm not looking for a new OB yet because I'm waiting to hear back from his nurse. If they still can't see me til the middle of Oct. I will probably call the OB who did my surgery last year. She was nice and made sure to tell me to see a Dr. as soon as I got pregnant again.

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Put it in writing. Do not trust the staff to accurately relay your request or the need for the quicker timeline. Also make sure to include a gushy, syrupy thank you to the dr for the great care for X number of years for the deliveries of [insert names of children]. Fax it in or better yet, drop it off. Don't be hostile--just be chipper and matter-of-fact as you hand off your letter and remind them that the situation is urgent. If they say they have already talked to the dr and he says no, make them take the letter to him anyway.

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Someone called back from the office today, though it was not the sweet little receptionist. The nurse was gone for the day and in surgery in the morning. The lady who called today promised to call me back during lunch tomorrow. She seemed much more concerned so I do feel better.

Thank you for responding. I feel like I'm on an emotional roller coaster.

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