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Keeping track of grades on iMac or paper


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For those who keep track of grades, I have a question or two. I have never kept grades before but feel like I "should" now that DD#1 is in 6th grade. I want her to get used to it before high school (we plan to hs all the way through, but would be open to her attending a n academically challenging high school if she chooses that route).


Anyhow, I have been on DonnaYoung.com and found several grade forms, but can not for the life of me figure out how they would be used. I'm not sure what all of the lines and boxes are for, as I have never used a grade book :tongue_smilie: I would love to be able to weight grades (reviews vs tests for example) but I am unsure how to do that as well on paper...


We have Macs and ideally I would love to find a Numbers '09 spreadsheet to use instead of paper. The one pre-installed on my iMac is for a classroom of children. Has anyone altered that template to make it work (I know next to nothing about Numbers)? I am more than willing to play around with things and try to figure it out (fun for me, LOL), but don't want to waste time, either.


Hopefully someone here has the answer!!!

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