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Like The Complete Book of Animals


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I'm not entirely sure something like that exists. You can look at Apologia's zoology books, maybe have him work through some of those. If you're looking for a full blown program, Winter Promise has one on animals and their habitats. You might be able to check out the books from the library and just use the "My Animal Notebook" without the TM.

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He devours all of the animal books from the library, but I thought it might be good to have something with some writing/answering questions in it.




Why do you want him to do writing or answering questions? Writing just for the sake of writing isn't necessary. If this is part of his curriculum, then that is one thing, but if he is pursuing this on his own don't feel like you have to turn it into school work.


Another option is to let him pick an animal, and have him do a report on it. Something along these lines.




Other ideas for worksheets you can adapt to any animal books:







I've linked to two excellent books below. The first one is younger in audience. I'm not sure what level of proficiency he has in the material.



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