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Gained back what I lost.. so discouraged

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Im back on Atkins after having awesome success with it before (I lost 50 pounds.. and then I got pregnant :) ) My son is 7 weeks old and Ive been in induction for a week and a half.. I havent lost a pound.


This is insane. Weight FALLS OFF during induction. Is it because Im still not back to normal post baby? (hormones, etc.?) Im also on Zoloft due to bad case of the baby blues, would that have anything to do with it?


I know I should be patient, and not expect the weight to fly off like it did last time.. but Im a bridesmaid in my cousins wedding next month and Id really rather not look like a friggin WHALE.



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Are you breastfeeding? I was told (11yrs ago) that you should not go full induction while breastfeeding. I waited until my youngest was 6months old and not breastfeeding exclusively before starting.


I would think that only being 7weeks pp would mean a lot is factoring into your lack of weight loss, but I'm no expert. Also, meds can really mess with it too. Don't be discouraged... just wait.. enjoy your baby. :grouphug:

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Thank you both for the encourgement:)


I am not currently breastfeeding. We only made it the first two weeks with it. (ds was slightly toungue tied and I stopped producing :( )


It wouldn't be so bad if I didnt have this wedding hanging over my head. I mean yeah I want this 60 pounds OFF NOW lol but I could be more patient if I didnt have to be in pictures and up in front of everyone on such a big day,

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:grouphug: It has always taken me 6 months or more to lose my baby weight (40-70 lbs). I lose a lot the first couple of weeks and then 1 lb/week until it's gone. I've noticed that it has been a lot harder this time around. I still have 10lbs to lose from baby #4 :001_huh:. Yep...he's 18 months now. For me, it has been due to vacation eating and age. Then again, I've nursed each one for 18 months, so I really had to watch my calorie intake.


I feel for you on the wedding. We've gone on swimsuit vacations within months after 3 of my boys were born and I'd like to burn some of the pictures. :glare:

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