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Reading comprehension troubles

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Ds #2 is really struggling in this area. It seems like he's experienced a major setback in his skills, and I don't know what to make of it or what to do about it.


Reading comprehension has never been his strong suit, and we've worked steadily over the years on it. We used workbooks that worked on a variety of comprehension skills, and I've been having him take online quizzes on books below his reading level to work on comprehension as well. That was going well. But this year, when I've had him read a chapter or when I've read a section of SOTW to him and asked him questions, his inability to answer most of the questions is very troubling. And the things I'm having him read by himself are Magic Tree House books or Great Illustrated Classics. He can recall nothing but the most basic details, and sometimes not even those.


A little bit of background. He has Asperger's and ADHD (his new pediatrician doesn't think it's full-blown ADHD -- he thinks the inattention is a part of his Asperger's). He's 13 and reading at about a 3rd to 4th grade level. He also has epilepsy. After several years of being seizure-free on his meds, he was weaned off the meds in June. The EEG showed no problems. Then he had a seizure two weeks ago, and he's now on the meds again. I'm wondering if, during the summer when he was off his meds, he was going through some kind of neurological changes and that's what's resulted in the problems with comprehension we're seeing since we started back with school. He has an appointment with his pediatric neurologist next month, and I plan to ask him about this then. I'm just at a loss to explain it. He still has an amazing memory for other things, but his grasp of what he's reading is tenuous.

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