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Ideas for Spelling Club, please and thank you.

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Is this just for fun, or is it to help children prepare for a spelling bee?


You could...

- play spelling-type games, such as Bingo or Hangman.

- divide into teams and race to spell difficult words.

- Google "how to make spelling fun" for more game ideas.

- have mini-spelling bees, with dollar store "bee" prizes (erasers, pencils, ribbons, etc.).

- have a parent spelling bee in one meeting.

- work on a different language family every week. A good resource for this would be Spell It, available at myspellit.com.

- work on roots. You could have the children make their own cards, such as those in the English From the Roots Up program. Just draw the card on a whiteboard and have them copy.

- work on spelling rules.

- have speakers come in who have been to the National Spelling Bee to talk about how they studied and their bee experiences.


Best wishes with your club!


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