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We are in Chapter 11 in SOTW 1. I'm mainly going for exposure, but was so surprised when Abby rocked nearly all the review (of ch 1-10) today. There were a few answers she looked up in her history book (she couldn't recall the name Shamshi-adad), but most of the questions she could answer with ease (like Sargon ruled with a military dictatorship)! The only question she did not know was what we call the fertile soil that comes up after the flooding of a river.



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That is awesome! Are you reading this to her or having her listen to it - sound like an audiotory learner! My oldest can learn anything if I'm reading it to him.


I've read it to her and she listens a few times on the CD to review. She is an auditory learner with her next strongest being visual. SOTW is a great curriculum for her. My son (turns 5 next month) is more visual/kinesthetic, so he had to flip through his book a few times, but he was pretty on too. (Which is a miracle because he really dislikes listening to stories and would much rather be doing. We've added a lot of projects and talking and map-finding to accommodate his age and current learning style.)

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