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Do you think this is the flu?

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My dd never gets sick...not the kind that requires a doctor. She has allergy related runny noses, etc, but not like this. This is what she has:

Sore throat but can still swallow

raging headache

fever hovering around 101 for 3 or 4 days now..sometimes off and on. (no fever all day yesterday but she still felt bad)

nausea (no vomiting)

very very very stuffy nose

exhaustion but not able to sleep

General fatigue.


I don't think she has ever had the flu and I haven't had it in probably 10 years. If she has it, does she need to go in? Would you bring her in at this point?? Fever started on Friday.

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It doesn't sound like typical *flu* to me -- but if she's not getting better and the fever's staying high, it might be time to take her in. The doctor can check for sinus infection and strep throat... Another possibility is the early stages of mono.


Flu typically comes on *really* fast (you're fine, then you're unable to get off the couch a couple of hours later -- these other illnesses usually start more slowly over a day or two) and generally there's respiratory involvement. Since you don't mention coughing or shortness of breath, I'm betting it's another type of infection.

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It sounds a lot like the virus we had go through the house over the last month. Each dc got sick, one after the other, and each was sick for about a week each. Their symptoms were the same but slightly different. One's sore throat was the worst. Another had the worst cough. Another was really achy and tired. Two had terrible headaches that lasted for a few days. All had nausea with no vomiting. The thing with each of them was that it just lasted so, so long. I thought it would never end.


Dh and I got it to but not as bad and not as long. A few days of not being a little achy with headache, nausea, and scratchy throat.

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