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What is the big deal? - Okay, really probably just a vent!

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(FYI - I have no idea why this is in bold - I did not select bold, but anyway....) This could get long.


DH took the day off today to help me out since I didn't get home from the hospital until late last night. He did my running for me this morning (dropping DS off at preschool and DD at school for her 1 class - and pick ups). It was such a relief.


After he picked DD up at 10:00ish, I decided to take her out for breakfast (she hadn't eaten), because she was such a great help yesterday. Great. She's excited, it's all good. Younger DD did her school work while older DD was at school (as usual) and finished with DH while we were gone.


I prepped DD's stuff while DH made lunch (12:30ish). I was a little behind the ball today, because I usually do it as we go through the morning and write it on the board as she works. Today, she read while I prepped it. No big deal. I also wrote her assignments on a piece of paper instead of on the board, because I was feeling weak and tired and didn't want to get up and walk across the room for every assignment.


Before DH was done with lunch, I called to her that she should probably come get started (I was almost done laying out her assignments). Apparently, she didn't hear me. Fine. No big deal. We ate lunch and I told her to get started. She FREAKED out because "everything is messed up" and has spent the last 3+hr throwing a fit because I "told her every day was going to be the same". She's upset because she's not doing her work in the morning, she's upset because DH is home, she's upset because her assignments aren't on the board, she's upset I'm not in the room (I usually sit in there, because I have to supervise younger DD - I don't do anything with her really), she's upset because of each and every little thing that is even slightly different than "normal".


Seriously, I have no patience for this. She's crying, pounding the floor, slamming books, etc. It's MY fault because I won't go just sit in there, it's MY fault because I told her that all the days would be the same (meaning we were going to have a rough schedule - aka do school in the morning - this year, etc), it's DH'S fault because he's home (he's in the basement - it's not like he's up here disrupting everything). WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL? I do NOT get it.


She's going to miss show choir, which is HUGELY important to her, because she's not allowed to go unless her school work is done.....and she knows it. But, you know....it's my fault she'll have to miss show choir too. AHHHH!!!


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