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UnFriending people on FB

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Do they know when you do this? My adoptive grandma passed away a few months ago (the reason I stayed in contact with family) and the remaining adoptive family is the type that crams religion down your throat and enjoy telling me I'm going to hell. I'm sick of it but I don't want more drama from them. Will they know if I un friend them? Sorry if its a dumb question, I don't use FB much.

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They don't get a notification, but if they go to look at your wall, photos and you have privacy screening they'll know because they can't see them anymore. You won't be on their friends list, so if they pay attention they won't see your name there.


You can block people if you're ok with them seeing your feed, but you won't see their feed or messages on your wall.

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I have a plugin, so I can see when I'm unfriended right away, but otherwise they won't know unless they notice their friend count has gone down or if they go to your page. You can hide your stuff from them..and block their stuff from you - I do that for certain folks - like my SIL for example (there are others) - I don't want to unfriend her but I don't want to see her stuff (mostly a bunch of "many of my friends won't repost this" stuff) or have her seeing and commenting on my stuff. I make sure family pictures, etc., are visible to her, for the most part..and she doesn't know I have her mostly hidden. She just thinks I don't post much. :D

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