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reading guitar music

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background: my son had previously done a year of piano lessons, then took a year long break. he has now started guitar lessons.


i was talking to a friend today and we were talking about music lessons. we talked about how much time was wasted learning how to read music. is there something out there (video, website, etc) that could teach him how to read guitar music sheets?


anything else he can do on his own between lessons? anything online would be a bonus since shipping times here take forever..



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Classical guitar music is written in the same notation as piano music. Guitar TAB notation comes in many styles and is a shorthand of sorts, mainly used for rock/folk music and simple things. If your son is using TAB notation, ask the teacher for guidance on what to use to study. If he is using standard music notation, he can use any of the standard theory materials. I like Theory Time workbooks and Alfred's Essentials theory on CDROM.

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