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Does anyone have a positive review for SWO?


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They do exist! It's true that you might have a hard time finding the positive reviews on this board among the others. Does Cathy Duffy have a review for it?


My own 2 cents is that it works for my kids. They learn the rules and apply them, even though they are brief. SWO reviews the rules from year to year, not throughout each book. So, if you want a tighter spiral for review, just sit with your dc and look through a few previous lessons and discuss. The younger levels are on the simpler side, which might be why SWB has it scheduled out so fast (more than 1 level per year) in TWTM. I like that it gets into foreign roots and definitions of a variety of affixes in the higher levels. It's also easy to get done since it's mostly independent work for the child (once they're ready to be turned loose with a workbook). The lists are tied to phonics-based spelling rules, which I like. TWTM has suggestions in either the grammar or logic stage section for how to use a Spelling notebook to get the most out of SWO. These can be applied to any grade level. I make my kids write their words out for practice in their best cursive and call it penmanship sometimes, in alphabetical order, with vowels marked, or copy the "Tip" (spelling rule) for review. Instructions to do those things aren't in SWO, they are just ways I use it to suit my dc's needs.

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