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Free math resources for 1st grade?


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I am usually writing on the high school board, but today I need help for grammar stage. A friend has pulled her 1st grader out of ps really suddenly because of bullying, and she is beginning to homeschool. She asked my DD to help her with math. Can anybody recommend some free online resources - worksheet, games, ideas - that could help her get started?


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MEP is a whole free curriculum. I would also advise her to check out the math drills website. They have addition and subtraction worksheets for printing.


Thanks, this looks good. Not sure how this compares to other traditional curricula: does the Year 1 correspond to what they learn in K in ps?


I can't fin the math drills website - is that part of MEP? Or is that some other address?

Also, what is a good and efficient way to find out how much this kid already knows?

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African Waldorf


Waldorf is based on Grube's Method.


Franklin Primary Arithmetic is also based on Grube's Method.


This older version of Ray's--NOT the tan Mott Media version--is much more teacher friendly.


Check your library for a copy of How to Tutor. The charts make great copywork, and can also be used for recitations.

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My older is in first grade and has completed MEP 2a. I'd consider her ahead.


I do agree with the assessment that MEP 1 is more than K math but less than a typical first grade math. I'd see what the child can do and place her probably mid-way through. Do make sure the arithmetic is easy for the child, though, because the puzzles themselves are difficult.

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