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Snap Words review

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I recently purchased the snap words dictionary of 607 most common words for my dyslexic VSL 8yo dd. Since I am so NOT VSL, the whole concept seemed kind of crazy to me. They show the word in a picture that describes the word. Then there is a sentence and a motion to along with the word. Since my dd has had a lot of reading and phonics practice, we are moving through the words alphabetically.


I am amazed at her enthusiasm! She loves seeing the picture and makes up the story to fit each letter. If the picture doesn't help her with the spelling (she likes each letter to represent a character in a story), she will spend 5-10 minutes drawing a picture that helps her.


I then have her "snap a picture" in her mind of the word. She then spells it for me forward and backward. I often have her close her eyes when she does this to "see" the picture in her mind.


She is excited about learning in this way. We still use R&S phonics and AAS to teach phonics and spelling. I see no reason why phonics and sight words cannot reinforce each other.

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I appreciate you taking time to share your review and how you are using Snap Words.


We are using Snap Words for learning to read purposes, but I'll definitely be hanging on to the cards and keeping this in mind. I also think ds would enjoy the spelling dictionary for himself when he tries to write for personal enjoyment.


Here's a sample from the 1st edition for those who want to see what it's like. http://www.child-1st.com/new_site/Free_Samples/978-1-936981-21-2.pdf


I had previously look at the Illustrated Book of Sounds & Their Spelling Patterns, but it didn't seem to fit my ds. Here's a sample of that. http://www.child-1st.com/new_site/Free_Samples/STSPSamplePages.pdf


I like the idea of using the snap words for spelling though. The cards look like the sample, it's just that the back side has the word written without visuals.


Yes, I teach it as spelling, but they also learn those smaller words that don't necessarily have pictures with them (the, a, then, when, etc.) and help with reading.

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