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Cooking question - potatos in pot pies

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I know I come here for cooking advice. Looking at recipes can be deceiving - they may sound great but if there are no reviews - how do you really know?


If you cook chicken pot pies (or any version really) and use fresh potatoes, do you pre-cook the potatoes?

I have frozen corn and carrots, canned green beans, and fresh potatoes. Just trying to figure out the best way to do this.



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Erm...don't you assemble and cook the pot pie filling in a pot before adding it into the crust and baking the whole thing? When I make pot pie, the potatoes get cooked that way. Is there some other way to make pot pie that I've never heard of? :confused:


That's what I do. So it's almost like a cooked stew that you pour in to mini pies and bake. I've never heard of another way. I can't imagine any other way really working?

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I cube and then boil my potatoes before adding them. Typically I've got those going while I work on making my roux.


I actually usually add in my carrots to the potatoes after they've been boiling a bit and then towards the very end I add in frozen lima beans. Then all that gets drained, added to my roux, then the whole thing gets poured into the crust, topped with another crust, and baked.


Here's my GF recipe on my blog but it's very very close to a classic pot pie recipe: http://glutenfree100.blogspot.com/2012/05/gluten-free-chicken-pot-pie-recipe.html

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Yeah. Otherwise the crust would be burned to heck and the filling raw.


Oh, I think I'm figuring it out--do some people make the roux by itself and then add all uncooked veggies into it, then pour all that into the crust? My recipes have always called for cooking down the denser veggies along with onions/garlic (and chicken if it needs cooking) in a pan with oil, adding broth, then adding a cornstarch slurry to thicken. Then add into crust and bake.


Anyhow...stop talking about pot pies and potatoes!!


:lol: Low carb stinks, no? I make mine as a filling, no potatoes, and serve over a little brown rice--not completely low carb, but better than the original!

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When I could still make this, I would not make a stew first. I par cooked the potatoes and mixed with precooked shredded meat and veggies and then coated all that with the brown sauce that I used instead of traditional gravy. Sometimes I used mashed potatoes, like a shepard's pie with a regular crust added.

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