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Mad Bi.....

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Yesterday my dd1 (6yrs old) drew a tiger (Daniel Tiger on PBS for those that want to check it out). Thats not even the best part though!


She wrote


MadXBiX_(her name)_X


I asked "why are there Xs" and she said " so you know its another word". I explained you dont need Xs, just space. :tongue_smilie:

But then i congratulated her on sounding out "Made By ____" and helped her spell it correctly. I had her sound out what she wrote Mad vs Made. Reminded her the E makes the A say its name. Then i reminded her Y is tricky, it can sound like I.


I just thought id share. I think its a break through in a way. I know it could just be normal for a 6yr old, but to me its pretty awesome. Im doing something right! :lol:

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