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Is it realistic to think . . . ?

Kimm in WA

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There are too many unknown variables in that question to really hazard a guess. It depends greatly on the specific university, the qualifications of the applicant, etc.


Just as a very general thing, out of state universities can be a very expensive option particularly if students are looking at top ranked schools who don't need to offer a lot to attract out of state students. If on the other hand, the student is looking at schools that are considered less regionally attractive - North Dakota for example - there may be good deals to be had.

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Let's see if I'm able to post this link. If it doesn't work go to www.collegedata.com and search University of Oregon and look under money matters. You can see that they don't meet a large percentage of student need, but that there are some merit scholarships. Architecture seems to award the highest amount of merit aid.

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It depends upon the school. A few (UVA and UNC come to mind) are good with need-based aid for all. A few (Alabama, Arizona, Oklahoma come to mind) are good with merit aid if the stats are there. Many (Michigan, UCs come to mind) do not offer much for anyone OOS.



Definitely Michigan is not your state unless your student is VERY highly qualified. U of M is a top school, so is M.S.U. M.T.U...the ultimate geek school, is tippy top for specific nerdy programs :D. The state government HEAVILY pressures these three big-name schools to favor in-staters for merit aid because the economy is so awful here and they are trying to put a finger in the dike of the constant flow of brain drain from the state. However, a very highly qualified student from OOS might be wooed for a specific program.


While Michigan is also a pathetic education state K-12, we have some schools that produce an awesome batch of graduates each year...West Bloomfield IB, Cranbrook, Rochester Hills, Henry Ford, Grand Rapids Academy of Math and Sciences, Grand Rapids Classical/Latin Academy, Frankenmuth High, one of the charter schools in Lansing, etc. These are feeder schools to U of M in particular, and a large percentage of spots go to these kids. DD is a U of M'er with excellent merit aid and the competition was a little scary for what is considered "just a state school". Of course, it's a state school in the top 50 and in the top internationally as well.


Now, LAC's are an option. Hope and Kalamazoo Colleges are both known for generosity with OOS students. Definitely check out the LAC's if they have programs that are of interest to your student. I can HIGHLY recommend both of those schools. They are excellent, tip-top and while there is sticker shock when you see the price tag, the reality is they usually throw a lot of money into the pile in order to get the students they want.


Don't totally count out the three Michigan flagships. But, do your research first. Yes, as a general rule, they are stingy with many OOS students. However, for specific programs, they will seriously woo highly qualified applicants from other regions.



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This is a new feature added by the College Board. Very helpful for getting you in the ballpark. After punching in your numbers, you can follow up with the college's web site to gather merit aid info:




Click on the BLUE Button that says, "Calculate your Net Price."


Note that UO only meets 44% of need which means that in general you are going to pay more than your EFC.


Hope that helps,



Enjoy your little people

Enjoy your journey

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