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magazines for ages 13 and up


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I take Sports Illustrated for my son, aged 13. He has a deep interest in sports, especially baseball, and to some extent basketball. He reads and studies sports history, stats, trivia, etc. The genre of sportwriting has some stellar practioners and often features dynamic, colorful language and images.


I do go through and censor out the ads, pictures, and occasionally articles that I find inappropriate for his age group. We do opt out of the swimsuit issue.


I wish he had more interested in science, but so far it has no appeal. I like Scientific American myself.


I hope to find an economics magazine for him when he's a little older, as well as a good literary mag. I like Atlantic Monthly and Harper's more than the New Yorker these days.


Any suggestions for econ. mags?


Good topic!

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Take a look at the Smithsonian magazine. Nice combination of science and history.


Also, this might be a controversial pick, but I've always found that Reader's Digest offers some memorable material across a range of subjects. Something to consider?



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