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which movies...???

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we are headed to Disney at the end of October...and although we have seen lots of Disney/Pixar movies, I want to make sure my kids have seen all of the ones that would be cool for them to have seen before we go. Which ones would you think are important? (we are visiting all 4 theme parks)....I am leaving for my monthly BIG library visit in about 30 minutes...I should have asked this earlier....but this library has TONS of movies. thanks.

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We do our Disney list differently. It's a ride list. :D


Tower of Terror

The Haunted Mansion.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Swiss Family Robinson

Country Bears

Saludos Amigos



Most of the rest have been seen over and over. Depending on where you're staying you may want to look at movies themed with that - all the ones for Art of Animation or Lion King, Jungle Book, etc. for the Animal Kingdom side hotels.

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Let's see.


The collective parks of Disney World have rides, shows, parades, characters walking around and/or heavy theming based around nearly every Disney movie you can think of and some that are not Disney movies (or were not).


Off the top of my head?

Swiss Family Robinson

Alice in Wonderland

Winnie the Pooh

Toy Story



Peter Pan


Lady and the Tramp

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Star Wars


Lion King


Song of the South

The Twilight Zone tv show


Lilo and Stitch

Monsters Inc


Mary Poppins

The Little Mermaid

Finding Nemo

Beauty and the Beast

101 Dalmations

Robin Hood

The Aristocats


Snow White

Jungle Book

Sleeping Beauty

A Bug's Life

Old Mickey Mouse, Donald and Goofy cartoons

Pirates of the Caribbean (which, was sort of backwards from the usual way)

The Sword in the Stone

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

The Three Cabarellos

even the Jungle Boat ride is sort of loosely based on The African Queen


Hmm...that's all I can think of right now. I'm sure I missed something.


The Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios has tributes to:

Footlight Parade


Public Enemy

Wizard of Oz


Mary Poppins


Singin' in the Rain


Raiders of the Lost Ark


Do you plan on doing all of the parks? Some of these feature more prominently than others, depending upon the park. Where do you plan on eating? That can make a difference. For example, if you are doing the 1900 Park Fare breakfast, then you will definitely want to watch Alice and Mary Poppins.

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