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Tell me about AoPS


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Do you use the books or the online classes?


Pros and cons?


Is it appropriate for a 6th grader who is a tad behind and not a math whiz? It sounds like it may be geared toward math-gifted students.


AoPS has been frequently discussed on these boards, please search.

We use the books, not the online classes.

The curriculum is geared towards students who are strong in math and excited about math. It uses a discovery method and covers a lot more material in more depth than any other curriculum. It teaches thinking and problem solving and is fabulous- for the right students.

I would consider it not suitable for a student who is behind in math with a traditional curriculum.

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We use the book and online videos to help.


Pros - it makes a kid think, I mean, really think, about math operations. They have to know each step and why they're doing it.


Cons - it is a great tool of frustration. For kids who like puzzles, awesome. For those who are used to math coming easily and having it spoon-fed, there are days where he's counting down until he can throw it in the bbq pit. :lol:


It's not easy. For a kid who is behind or isn't mathy I'd suggest something with more guidance or wit. Life of Fred might be a good substitution with hands on activities like HOE or MUS.

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