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Common Ap Questions

Pam in MA

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We're in the thick of it now! Does anyone know if I need to send the "School Report" form as a home schooler, or does the Home School Supplement take the place of that? Seems like we'd be putting N/A on most of the questions. Also, is there a word limit on the "philosophy" statement? I gather it's not a good idea to load the poor admissions counselors down with a treatise on home schooling. . . what do you think is a good length?


Boy, I'll be glad when this is all over!

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We join you in the thick of it! Look at the homschool philosophy box and right below you will find the character limit. I think it is 500??? I am not at my computer so I can'tcheck for sure but the limit is there. We wrote it in a word doc and copy and pasted into the box.


We did have some n/a's in the school report page. If you click on the question mark in the school report box for help you will get a sample school report. We decided to go ahead and write a profile of our school. I did reiterate some of what was in the philosophy but it was different too. I used their sample and combined the first two sections, I think they were about the school and curriculum. We did use that report to say that we have graduated one son already. I just think it adds another snapshot of our school in a little different way.


ETA: now that I think about it, the philosophy limit may be 250...

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