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If you were having moderate pain from passing a kidney stone...

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I have had a kidney stone and have both driven myself to the hospital and needed a driver on different occasions. I say send him to work. He can always come home and get you, can't he? If not, I might change my recommendation! ;) Do you have a neighbor to call in an emergency? I know 45 minutes sounds like a long time, but you may still have to wait a long time in the ER for more meds, so just call him ASAP if you think you need to go.


Plan on taking an easy day at home and let the kids play. I know it can hurt so much...and the fear of another attack can be even worse.



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Well, you can't drive anyways if you are taking percocets. I have passed a kidney stone, and there was no way I would be able to drive myself. But, I don't know if your pan is going to get worse, or it is going to hang around for a few more days until you pass it. And he could be home with you possibly for days. Tough call. I would send him to work, and worse case scenario you could always call an ambulance.:grouphug:I hope you pass this thing soon. I know how you feel.

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Me, and the kids are 10 and 7. I could possibly get myself to the hospital if I needed to, but I'm worried about if I can't.


I haven't had kidney stones, but dh has. He definitely would not have been able to drive. Which would cost you all more-him missing a day (or maybe half a day, if he can go in later?) or an ambulance?

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