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Vintage Primer with Consonant Blends, but Only Long and Short Vowels?


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I'm using How to Tutor as my main phonics program until the student is writing in cursive well enough to write on one line instead of two. I'm trying to stick to using regular notebook paper instead of specialty paper.




Once we are down to one line, and have mastered the consonant blends, I'm going to transition over to a Spalding type phonics curriculum (I'm not sure which one). I've been penciling in McGuffey lessons into the margins of HTT, but have hit a snag. HTT teaches all the consonant blends before introducing any vowels other than short vowels and "all" words. I've penciled in all the 2 letter word lessons (pages 13-15) from the North American Speller which adds long vowels and do, to, Ma and Pa. HTT and McGuffey added the, a, see, sees, feed, was.


Other than what I have introduced, I want to stick to long and short vowels and "all" words, and hopefully reinforce the consonant blends with as much reading as possible. What is available for free vintage primers? I'm starting to look through my hard drive. Aldine-no. Progressive Course in Reading-no. Ugh!


I guess I could just start teaching Spalding spelling words A-G, along side the HTT consonant blends, after I'm done with North American Speller, and do those as 2 lines, and then repeat the list when we switch to one line. That would be similar to the method suggested for transitioning from manuscript to cursive. But looking quickly at the list it doesn't look all the helpful, in catching up to McGuffey. "new" and "her" the next McGuffey words are "I" and "H" lists. :banghead:

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Howe Readers-no.




The Sprague Classic Readers-no.


The Children's Primer by Ellen Cyr-no.


New Beacon-no.


Elson-no, no, no! :-0


The Beginner's Primer is good for sight words, but not phonics.


The Arnold Primer reminds me of a foreign language curriculum :-0

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