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Extra reading for AM HIst., and a few other things


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Ds will be doing Am History for 8th grade because he worked a bit fast and got ahead on rotation. I need to make a list of literature, biographies, speeches, etc for him to read throughout the year. I am working off of the lists in TWTM, and SOTW for lit and Biography ideas, so I feel I have a solid start. I still need to check out the AO site.


Ds is already pretty good about getting biographies at the library about anyone we run into in our History studies, but any suggestions for anyone a little less well known/obscure that we should not miss would be great.


As far as speeches I have an ongoing list of major speeches, but it is still a working progress.


For outside reading, he LOVES to read anything remotely History related. Throw them all at me. Also, he is a little weak on poetry, so I would like to work some in for us to discuss. I am thinking both History related books, and American Literature that we can read while we study the time period in which it was written, or is set.


Lastly, how can I work in some art work? I think this is where I am weakest. I feel pretty confident in the other areas, and am just trying to make sure I didn't miss anything. I don't know where to start for the American art study.





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