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Bathroom Tile & Tub Reglazing/ painting

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We painted (with epoxy paint) a portion of the tile in our bathroom several years ago and it's held up well. We just followed the instructions that came with the paint. This tile is on the walls, though, not the tub. I only know one person who has had their sink and tub done and it started to chip and flake off after the first few years.

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OUr DIL reglazed their tub when they bought an older home. It never really dried and it sticky or tacky or something. MY dh thinks the issue was it was cold outside, and they needed to leave a window open because it is nasty smelling stuff and it was just not warm enough for it to set properly. Looks ok until you step on it. Then it wants to stick to your feet.

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Had the tub reglazed 7 years ago. It gets light use--5 showers/week. It's a bit of a pain getting soap scum off (though it might help if I cleaned it more than once/mo...) since I can't use scouring pads/cleanser. Also, can't use anything with suction cups on it.


Mine still looks great, I did drop a pair of metal scissors in the tub, or a screwdriver, and it did leave a small scrape. We had a company come in that sealed off the whole bathroom and sprayed it. It was WAYYY cheaper than trying to get the tub out of the BR and buying a new one. If you can live with babying it a little, it could be a good solution.



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Guest ilario1977

Bought a house with an avocado green tub in a redone blue bathroom...that wasn't going to fly.

I needed to use a brush instead of a roller, like some reviews said to use.

Also, for some reason, doing touch ups, the paint started to bubble in spots, and if I went back over it again to fix it, it stripped all the paint off. Luckily for me this is on the outside of the tub, so I am going to buy some regular enamel paint to go over this with.:auto:

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My dh tried reglazing a tub several years ago. When we moved and I wanted another tub reglazed, we hired a professional (still way cheaper than buying/installing a new tub). I would highly recommend the professional. Ours guarenteed his work and when a little bit peeled around the drain, he came back and did the entire tub free.

The fumes are terrible, but the final result was great. As previous posters said, no suction cups or abrasive cleaners.


Good luck!

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