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Activities to do outside of school work

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Hi everyone, I was wondering what all you guys do for fun activities after you get done with your school work to keep the kids occupied and keep them learning. This is our first year, DD is in Kindergarten, and we are about 3 weeks in. I have not been doing well with this area. We have been doing her actual school work and then we end up falling back into our old routine of watching a movie and just random play while I get work done (I work from home.) I think it would be better if it were at least a little bit structured, but any input would be great! Thank you!!


Thank you!!


ETA: I guess I should edit this and say that she is involved in a weekly co-op, weekly and monthly story times, dance, and t-ball. Since I work from home, we cannot really do stuff out of the house every day, so I need stuff for her at home. Thanks for all the input!!

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I think this is a great question. I don't remember having it the first time around; but this time, I feel like we have too much ____ time (I don't really want to say free or play, but...). Part of that is because we don't yet have a full schedule due to illness. We're going to try 100% starting this week. Accckkk!

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